Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Snow in One Day than in the Last Two Years!

A big snowstorm. About 18" here in University Park - snowed for about 24 straight hours and LOTS of fun. Cold, so the snow was light and fluffy (each of the five times I shoveled our steps and sidewalk). Took awhile to get the boys ready to go outside - my fault. I spent about half an hour digging through the "Winter Clothes" bin down in the basement looking for snowsuits. But eventually we were set (even if they were all in clothes a size too small because Sarah had already laid the right ones out neatly in the closet, which she'd told me but I'd forgotten - I blame snow-induced short-term memory loss):

Then the long walk down to the school with the great sledding hill, about 100 yards from our house, after which they were exhausted:

But they rallied and made a go of it:

Back home Joshua and I built a snow fort:

We got in morning, noon and dinnertime rounds of sledding. Everyone slept soundly...except Sarah, who had to go to work (picked up by a co-worker in a giant 4x4 truck) AND IS STILL THERE AS OF THIS POST BECAUSE HER JOB WOULDN'T LET HER LEAVE EVEN THOUGH SHE'S 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!