Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween was a big day for us. Michael was off from school (teacher workday), Joshua had a Halloween party and parade at his nursery school, we had Michael's birthday party, and then of course there was trick-or-treating. Here's a peek at our day:

Joshua and Tabitha (Snow White)

Miss Terri's class parade

Decorating pumpkins at Michael's Birthday Party

Ezra and his creation

Michael and his.

After the party was over Chris and I collapsed (we were both sick with a lovely bug the boys had traded throughout the week) and sent the boys to nap. With the threat of not being allowed to trick-or-treat the house was soon quiet. After we all woke up Michael decided he wanted to be Speed Racer for Halloween, rather than any of the superheros or various animals we have in our costume box (a mere 2 hours till trick-or-treat time). After some discussion I convinced Michael that no, I could not make a Speed Racer costume "real quick" but I did think we could put together a Luke Skywalker costume with the help of the hour old lightsaber from Ezra. The following is the best that we could do (apparently we don't own any cloaks...). Luckily, while he may look back on these pictures and groan, he had no qualms Halloween night about trapsing around in an inside out bathrobe... Having a lightsaber on your belt gives one a certain confidence.

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