Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saved by the Birds

Lets clarify. The phrase "trap door" was not used once, let alone multiple times. Here's how it went down:

Wednesday: Joshua, Matthew and I are finishing up lunch at the table when Joshua asks me something along the lines of "do you still have a baby in your belly?"
After a quick check of the paunch and a mental note to start sit-ups I answered "no!" pause...
Me: "Why, do you want another baby brother?"
Joshua: "yes, because (pointing at Matthew) this one scratches."

A quick discussion follows in which I clarify that any additional siblings are ADDED to the family---we do not TRADE. ...pause...

Joshua: "But how do babies get out of your belly?"
Me: (quick cough to clear the food I'm now choking on) "What do you mean?"
Joshua: "When you go to the hospital how do they get out of your belly? Do they have a special door?"
Me: (giggling) "Well, it's kind of like a special door... Hey look! Birds at the bird feeder!"

I swear I fully intended to answer this question honestly--I was just looking for a moment to gather my thoughts when the birds flew to the bird feeder! Somehow we never got back to the question....until the next day.

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