Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Moments

October 31st

This year Michael went as Ben 10, Joshua made a last minute wardrobe change and went as Batman instead of a clone trooper and Matthew was a crocodile. In spite of the rain that arrived shortly after they started trick-or-treating they managed to drag home a ton o' loot.

November 3rd

Dad's home from school!

November 4th

Talking on Mom and Dad's cell phones to each other...

November 8th

A yogurt snack and a game of Guess Who with your brother. Does it get any better?

November 10th

When one wakes up at 5:45 mom has plenty of time to make him pancakes before Michael and Joshua need to get ready for school!


Susanna said...

Matthew is already eating pancakes?! We love the pictures. Love, Susanna, Ann Marie and Ezra

Stephanie said...

I love the game Guess Who!!! When can I come over?