Monday, February 8, 2010


Six inches twice over the last week. And then came this weekend...

We had some friends over for homemade pizza on Friday night - Johanna, Eric, Dana, Jeff, Clio, Thalia, Stella and Jonah:

...and as we ate our chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches the snow began in earnest:

Took Michael and Joshua for a nighttime snow walk after Matthew went to sleep:

And woke up to this Saturday morning:

(That's our Odyssey and Amy and Omar's Prius buried in our neighbor Miriam's driveway...)

And it kept snowing until the end of the day. A nice round number: two feet of snow.

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Mama Hoggett said...

That is so crazy!! I'm still laughing about how you spend so much time on that weather forum and thinking that this must've been THE most exciting few weeks for all the other weather nerds who read it! :)