Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Small children should be supervised at all times."

Went to the Hirshhorn Museum (modern art/sculpture) Sunday morning to while the time away while Sarah was resting and before football started. They have an exhibit called "Color Forms," with different pieces/installations that are basically just solid volumes of a single color in one form or another. Turns out one of the pieces was the equivalent of a giant sand box filled with powdered paint - I didn't find that out until Matthew put his hand in it. Security comes running over. ("DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!") Escorts us to the elevator, down to the basement, where another security guard meets us and takes us to a utility closet with a giant work sink and hoses Matthew off. I asked how often it happens and the guard chuckled - apparently it's an everyday occurrence. ("I can't wait til this exhibit is outta here.") A recent incident involved a boy so covered in the paint powder that they had to get a wheelchair to take him down to the basement.

I so wanted to take a picture of him as soon as it happened, but thought that was bad form, so this is the best we could do (after the incident)...

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