Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recurring Feature...

...where we highlight what the boys are up to at the moment. Not sure what we'll call it yet.

Here goes:
  • Matthew is sleeping on his own: put him in his crib and he pretty much goes to sleep, naps, straight through the night, the whole thing. Really just a treat;
  • Joshua and Michael are asking a LOT of questions about Jesus. That's what xmas songs with Da - Li - Lahhhhh every waking moment (and while for asleep) everyday since Thanksgiving will do to a child;
  • Michael is loving school and is pretty excited about learning the basics of reading. Sometimes while he's falling asleep we hear him sounding out words: ta...rrrrrr...trrrrrrr...AYYYYY...tuuurrrrAYYYY...nnnnn...tuhhhrrrAYYYYnnnn...TRAIN!
  • The two bigger boys both have jackets with double liners and Joshua's has two zippers. He insists that both zippers be zipped to go outside, but then takes it right off when he gets in the car so he can buckle into his car seat;
  • They play with Legos every second they can;
  • Joshua has been having trouble hearing lately...

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