Thursday, December 25, 2008


ah, Christmas morning finally arrived. When we woke up at Mema and Tony's Santa had come! And Joshua heard him! well, actually, he just heard the reindeer...
At any rate it was very exciting to see all that he had stuffed in our stockings and THEN to open up presents from the Johnson's. Michael was very patient and did not open up the X-Wing fighter lego set from Mema and Tony (at Chris' wise instruction) until we got home.
As we pulled up to 6609 Wells Parkway at noon-ish Michael asked "I have been very patient, haven't I mom?" After I agreed that he had he ran in the house, announced that Santa had been to our house TOO and then threw up scrambled eggs and bacon outside the bathroom door. He took about 5 minutes to recover on the couch and was ready for more Christams when Grandma and Rich arrived (hooray!) from Long Island. Their visit with us was very nice, as usual, but way too short. And in the car ride to the airport on their way to Florida Grandma got Michael to commit to moving to LI!

Peeking at their stockings

Surfer lego from Santa

Star Wars Legos from Mema and Tony

Checking out the X-Wing Fighter

Staring at the X-Wing Fighter

A DRUM SET from Mema and Tony!!

Everyone is busy

The ONE present from Mom and Dad (hint, hint, anyone who actually reads this).

Chris assembling toys

Nice job Chris!

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