Thursday, December 4, 2008

When Gymnastics Practice Becomes a Game of Tag

Chris shot this clip of the boys sometime recently...I'm not sure where I was during the filming. My work shoes and bag are in the background so I'd like to think it's a Monday night and that I had already gone to bed because I was so tired from a weekend of work.

Most mornings after working I don't get far inside the door before I have to shed all that I am holding and pick up one or more small children. And usually that bag and those ucky shoes (I just got new non white ones--thanks mom!) don't get put away until Tuesday and have been known to stay there a good part of the week. (yikes!) So that's where I'm going to say I was---sound asleep after saving lives, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Chris thinks I was out gallivanting. Could be. I do have an extensive social life.

Anyhow, I was hesitant to post this what with the shocking (to some) clutter in the background but...what can I say? This is our life---cluttered and filled with happy (most of the time) giggly boys. Enjoy.

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